Thanksgiving- November 23, 2018

Hello, my friends,

It’s Friday morning, and you are all probably bursting from all the food that you “stuffed” yourselves with yesterday. I know I am.

Ali and I have a tiny family that resides in Florida, so it was just Dad, our daughter Marissa, and Austin, her significant other that joined us. As many have seen in our newsletters, Ali loves to cook (and I like to eat so what a match), and Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday to prepare for. However, Ali rarely bakes, so Rissy picks up the slack and prepared the Apple pie, as she is the family baker.

Everyone, including Rissy, watched the football games except Ali who hates football. She drank and cooked! Perhaps you too had a few beers or something a bit stronger while you enjoyed the games on this Thanksgiving.

Now it is Friday, and we need to find a way to work off all that stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes and my two favorites, Ali’s cranberry/ cherry sauce, and string bean casserole. Ali assured me that her recipe for the sauce and Rissy’s apple pie recipe will be in our next newsletter. One such way is to take advantage of the Black Friday sales. Yes…shopping!!

A few years back, we took Dad to the Vero Beach Outlet Mall. He was like a kid in a candy store or should I say, clothing store. He bought more clothes and shoes than I ever saw anyone buy outside of taking your kids back to school shopping. The funniest part, he has yet to wear most of them. We, of course, tease him, relentlessly.

Whether we buy anything or not, as long as the weather is not too hot, it should be a fun day, culminating with eating out for lunch or dinner or both. I do not think any of us will want turkey two days in a row.

So once again, from our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the weekend.

Until next time.

C Ya,

Jeffrey “I am more stuffed than a stuffed bird” Schneider

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