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2019/04/14 23:59:59

Do you wonder if you paying the lowest possible taxes allowed by the law?

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We know having a highly skilled professional is important to you when it comes to your business or as an individual. All clients have independent needs and getting the right advice can save you money and a lot of headaches. Let us show you how to manage your situation to get the best results and benefits

We can answer any tax-related questions you may have. We are always open to giving advice, that’s a big part of our business! Don’t trust just anyone with your tax solutions. Use one of “America’s Tax Experts” in all your tax matters. Call us today and see how we can help.

Enrolled Agents know all the ins and outs, and the current tax laws to help you take all the possible deductions available to you.

SFS Tax & Accounting Services appreciates the service of our military, both active and retired, and offers a year-round discount as our way of saying Thank You For Your Service!

Every year 10 million Americans have their identity stolen and now 143 million are at risk.
SFS is excited to announce that we can now help you protect yourself and your family with IDShield.
IDShield is the only identity theft protection company armed with a team of licensed private investigators on call to restore your identity.
Contact us at 772-337-1040 for more information and find out how a very small monthly investment can keep you from becoming a statistic.
Compare the IDShield plan with the Equifax Trusted ID and you decide which plan offers you the best protection.

SFS is offering you the very same plan Jeff and I have been using for the past several years and we breathe easier at night knowing we have the team at Kroll behind us should any area of our identity (financial, medical, drivers’ license, email, address, social security, social media etc.) experience a breach!