Can tax solutions feel like a life saver?

Bobby Bigone
Platinum Properties

“JEFF SCHNEIDER, has been my trusted accountant for 6 years. Being self-employed (I am a realtor) I have always found it very challenging with tax deductions. Jeff has always been there for me with his expertise and guidance. The ever changing laws in the tax world present very challenging obstacles, finding an Enrolled Agent who is on his game, is a rare find. JEFF SCHNEIDER IS THE MAN!.. Jeff is constantly educating himself, seminars and CEU classes are a constant part of his every day life. Myself being a realtor, having someone like Jeff, who knows the in’s and out’s of foreclosure and short sale tax laws, is an incredible asset for me and my clients. His knowledge and expertise rivals and exceeds most attorneys I know. The biggest compliment I can give Jeff, is that he was one of the 1st people I referred my DAD & MOM to, when they became Florida residents.”

Jeremy Dysch
Leasing Nation

“Jeff Schneider has always been an excellent source of advice for our business and personally. Thanks for your hard work.”

Michi A. Bowman

“As usual Nick and I are extremely pleased with the service that you provide. Also, the friends that I sent to you are very pleased as well. Thank you for your expertise.”

Ann Margaret Ulrich

“Jeff Schneider who is much more than just that guy who reminds you once a year of the dreaded April 15 deadline. If you need one tax advisor it’s Jeff. You will find him becoming one of your friends too.”

Gary Sobczak
BG Capital

“Jeff and his team of professionals are timely, detailed, accurate, friendly, and economical. All the perfect traits for your tax professional to have.”

Jimmy Sirucek

“Each year, there are changes to the already complex tax laws and regulations; payroll filings are time consuming, and monthly write ups are cumbersome.

Any of these can be a burden and cost you money. When you are ready to have it done timely and done right, call in the Professionals at SFS Tax & Accounting Services.”

Steve Klaassen
KG Merchants,LLC

“SFS payroll services are great; and if I have questions about financial statements, they take time to discuss them.”

John Marenic
Marenic Food Services

“Being a small business in today’s market is tough. Having support when you need it is the intangible product you deliver. Thanks for always being there.”

Bruce Wheatly
A&H Air Conditioning

“I am a small business owner. Two very small businesses actually. I met with Jeff of SFS and hired his company over 10 years ago. I explained to him that I am ‘not a tax guy’ and have no interest in taxes, other than to see that my obligations are met. This way, I concentrate on my businesses and Jeff concentrates on the tax liabilities of my business for me. I sleep better this way.

One of the first things I told him was ‘keep me out of jail’. In that light, Jeff has taken on the responsibility of sales tax as well as employment taxes and federal filings. Every month he sends me a complete listing of the financial status of my businesses and what taxes are due and what taxes have been paid. He set things up automatically with the IRS and State to deduct any monies owed out of the the bank directly. He gives me notice on what is due and when so I can make sure the money is available on that date. One of the better things about Jeff is that he actually takes my calls and spends the time to not only answer any questions I have, but to ‘dumb down’ the answers for me so I can understand what he is telling me in simple terms for a business man who is not tax oriented. While I have two very small business, Jeff often will tell me the cut offs and requirements that the IRS has set for different sized businesses. If and when my business grow to that point, I already know that Jeff and SFS will be there to take on whatever added tax reporting obligations that a mid sized business has to meet. I have noticed that Jeff actually manages the daily operation of SFS and sees to it that things do not slip through those nasty cracks. Via various electronic communication devices, even when he is on a rare vacation, he answers my emails very quickly himself, not some automated out-of-the-office reply.

To sum it up, Jeff and SFS offer competent, reliable, time oriented, personalized tax related accounting and reporting services for ‘us little guys’. ”