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IRS Tax HelpDon’t trust just anyone with your tax solutions. Use an Enrolled Agent, one of  “America’s Tax Experts ®” in all your tax matters. Let’s Get it Started!

 If You Just Received a Notice from the IRS or the state… Start Here.

If you’re in trouble with the IRS or the state, you need to take action fast. We help you eliminate tax problems by providing solutions custom fit for your unique situation. With 35 years of professional experience, we guarantee a stress-free, fuss-free tax problem solution!

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SFS Tax Problem Solutions Can Help You Resolve Any IRS Problem

  • Do You Own Back Taxes?
  • Are You Facing an IRS Wage Garnishment?
  • Is the IRS auditing you or your business?
  • Do You Have Unfiled Taxes?
  • Is There a Lien or Levy Filed Against You?
  • Is Offer in Compromise Right For You?

Well, don’t worry. There is good news. SFS Tax has an Enrolled Agent at the helm. You won’t need to hire an expensive attorney. As an Enrolled Agent, we can speak directly with the IRS for you. That’s correct. You won’t have to deal with the IRS yourself. We know exactly how to negotiate with the IRS. We have been handling cases for over 35 years!

 Whether you need assistance with reducing the amount of your tax debt, filing a back tax return(s), preparing a tax settlement, negotiating an Offer in Compromise or filing installment agreements, Jeffrey Schneider, EA, CTRS, ACT-E, NTPI Fellow has the knowledge and expertise to help you reach a favorable outcome with the IRS. Schneider is is a federally licensed tax expert and a great alternative to a tax attorney.

Call us today in Stuart – 772-337-1040. Thousands of individuals and businesses in Florida have not filed a tax return in years and are facing an IRS Audit. Are you one of them? If you haven’t filed because you owe money, there are many options available to you.

So before you face the largest collection agency in the world on your own, call us today and learn your options.