Tax Problems

IRS/ Tax Audit Representation/Consultation: federal and state, individual or business

In the event of a tax audit by the IRS or any of the State taxing authorities, we are here to either represent you or consult with you in order to make this event as painless as possible.

Jeffrey Schneider, EA (Enrolled Agent), is specially licensed and trained to represent you, from a simple letter to a correspondence audit to a full-scale site audit.

Tax Problems

Being audited by the Internal Revenue Service is one of the most stressful tax problems a taxpayer can have.

An IRS audit of a taxpayer’s return is based on either questionable items listed on the return or a random selection.

The Internal Revenue Service can audit an individual’s taxes in repeated years, or even audit a single filing numerous times.

You have the legal right to be represented by a competent professional.

Why are you being audited by the IRS Or The State Of Florida?

Reasons For a Tax Audit in Port St. Lucie, Florida

There are plenty of reasons why the state of Florida’s government, or the federal government, might conduct a tax audit.

A taxpayer can be chosen at random for a tax audit, even if the tax authorities don’t suspect that you have done anything wrong. The idea behind these random audits is to keep taxpayers honest. So, if you are audited for this reason, and know that you’ve done everything properly in filing your taxes, you probably don’t have to worry…

But, some tax audits are for a certain reason. This is because the IRS or your local tax authority thinks that you have not reported all of your income on your tax return. Suppose that, last year, you bought a new boat. But you only claimed $20,000 in total income last year. Do you think the IRS might want to know how you were able to afford your new pricey boat? They are going to ask where the money came from, and why you did not pay taxes on that money.

Another reason for a possible tax audit is when a taxpayer claims a large number of deductions. A deduction is simply a legally-permitted subtraction from a person’s taxable income. Charitable donations can be deducted from one’s income in the full amount of the donation. But, if a person claims a lot of deductions, and now they owe very little tax as a result, this can raise a red flag with the tax authority.

Most IRS audits are correspondence audits, done through the mail. If you have not been chosen for a face-to-face audit, we can still help you. We will handle the necessary paperwork correctly, in order to ensure that you are in compliance and no further problems occur.

If you do have to meet with the IRS, then you will be notified of what the IRS will require as far as documentation, so that you may be prepared for a face-to-face meeting. They may want clarification on a specific part of your tax return. For example, if you own a small business and have been continuously reporting a loss, and therefore no tax liability, for the business, the IRS may want further proof of your losses.

The majority of tax audits are usually resolved through a change of filing. The IRS does not audit those that owe them money. It could be that, after everything is satisfied, they owe you money.