Payroll And Sales Tax Services

Payroll isn't just about making sure your employees get paid. It's a vital roll in your business.

Here’s why you should consider using SFS payroll services

It can lower the risk of compliance related health reform issues and penalties

Experienced in employment-related tax and payment compliance matters

Reduces time and money on administrative cost of doing it alone

SFS gives you multiple payroll payment solutions options for paying your employees

Better management of your business cash flow.

Want even more good news? We can show you how to use SFS payroll services to help you meet new Health Care Reform requirements:

Integrate payroll functions and data with HR management

Put a system in place to enable better tracking and auditing

Measure and track full-time vs. part-time status

Confused by the constant changes in tax law?

We regularly monitor the latest updates in tax law and compliance issues so you can rest assured that you will never be delinquent in your filings. SFS Tax & Accounting Services can help you meet deadlines and stay on top of changing regulations.

Now that’s the peace of mind you deserve!