Education- October 26, 2018

Hello my friends,

The dictionary defines education (noun) as:

“Education is the process of acquiring the body of knowledge and skills that people are expected to have in your society. A good education develops a critical thought process in addition to learning accepted facts.”

It can also be defined as “Education is measured by the growth of a student into a true human being and a perfect man, not measured merely by the marks scored. The word Education is derived from the Latin word “Educare”. … Education gives life a meaning, purpose, wholeness, and peace. The word Education itself signifies its importance.”

Many of you have asked me why I travel so frequently. The short answer is, most of the time it is to provide education to others, however, often it is for my enlightenment. I am continually learning, and it is not always on tax-related subjects.

I am also a prolific reader of history and suspense novels, and I learn from everything I read. Unfortunately, as I get older I find that I do not remember everything that I read. It’s frustrating!

I just returned from Las Vegas where I took 18 CE hours in tax representation and taught a session in advanced representation planning. Both the teaching and attending the sessions help me to become a better practitioner by staying on top of the quickly changing tax laws.

I generally take between 80-100 credit hours of education per year, not to mention the hours I spend researching, writing and enhancing my knowledge on the topic I teach.

Remaining stagnant and not expanding your mind can be just plain mind-numbing. Learning can be a constant source of enjoyment once you find a topic(s) that interest you.

So until next time,

C Ya.

Jeffrey “I’m always learning” Schneider

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