What’s new in the SFS Tax office – August 17

Today I am sharing a bit of “What’s new in the SFS Tax office.”


Marissa Adler Office Manager


We are pleased to announce that we have added a new staff member to our team, our daughter Marissa Adler. She will be our new Office Manager. Ali and I have two kids, and while our son Cameron toils away at Ross University School of Veterinary School in St Kitts West Indies, Rissy decided to join the “family business.” She is doing an awesome job of answering the phones, handling the front desk, chatting it up with our clients and assisting me in administrative work and supporting Ali in her marketing campaigns. That’s what’s new in the SFS Tax office.
Marissa’s extended experience as a Pharmacy Technician and a Pharmacy Manager provided her with a wealth of experience engaging with the general public and businesses. She resides in Palm Beach Gardens with her significant other and two dogs and three cats. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, playing with her dogs and cooking.


    • I am busy completing partnership and corporate returns that are due 9/17 as 9/15 is on a Saturday. If you have not filed your return yet and need to have it prepared please call the office 772-337-1040 and speak to Marissa to set up an appointment. We are still accepting new clients.
    • Individual tax returns are due 10/15 not 10/18 like many think because they were originally due 4/18. If you are behind in your tax filings, let’s get them taken care of before the penalties and interest accrue to a point where it becomes financially and emotionally unmanageable.
Lastly, I want to remind you that I specialize in resolving tax controversy.
If you have a family member, a friend or co-workers that are in trouble with the IRS for income taxes, business taxes or having payroll tax problems. I can help get the IRS off their back, no matter or how much is owed. They may not qualify for an Offer in Compromise, but there are other possibilities that we can investigate.


If a business owes payroll taxes, then goes out of business, the business owners and other responsible parties (in-house payroll person or office manager) can be held personally accountable for the monies withheld and not paid over. These are called Trust Fund Penalties, and the IRS does not really like when these go unpaid. I can help get the IRS off their back, no matter how much money is owed.


One thing I tell all the prospects that come in the door is that I cannot guarantee results (no one can no matter what they say). However, I can guarantee I will work my butt off for them and use whatever I have at my disposal. Does it always work? Of course not, but I will leave no stone unturned.


So until next time,


C Ya,


Jeffrey “busy at work” Schneider


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