Independence Day- July 6th

4th of July sparkler

To My Fellow Taxpaying Americans,
As I write this email, I am watching the Yankees play the Braves. The great American pastime!
I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th celebration.
It was on this day that we celebrated our independence from the Redcoats across the pond.
It was at this time that our founding fathers set up a government to serve the people. However, serving the people costs money, and that’s where taxes came in. Yeah, yeah, taxes are too high, and the government taxes way too many things. But if it were not for these taxes, we would not be able to afford to pay (albeit peanuts) our service men and women who sacrifice their lives for our freedom to tweet, to Facebook, and to publically rant and rave, even it is to demean another individual when they disagree with us. It also provides us with the privilege to “bitch and moan” about anything and anyone.


I am saying is that we should chill out this time of year, even if it is for just a few days, and consider what our lives would look like if we lost that fight over 240 years ago.
I hope you celebrated with friends, neighbors, and family and honored this great country, no matter what political party you are a member of or even if you are non-party affiliated. After all, we are Americans, and all foreign visitors are our guests. Let’s treat everyone with respect and dignity.
After all, it is how I would want to be treated, wouldn’t you?
Until Next Time and Go Yankees!
Jeffrey “Watching the team with the best record in baseball” Schneider

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