Marriage June 1, 2018

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As I was reviewing the newsletter that you received yesterday, it prompted the topic for my weekly email. The question in the newsletter was from an unsolicited call I received from folks that found me on Google.

She was worried about her soon to be husband’s tax issues (it always seems to be the guy that has the problems). They came in, we got him compliant and filed all his past due tax returns. He owed on some and had overpayments on others, with an overall manageable tax due. You never know what the results will be until you get into the nitty-gritty.

There are many considerations once a couple decides to marry. As I indicated in the newsletter, you need to determine if you will file jointly or file separately; that does not mean single or head of household. What if one spouse has federal debt (taxes is just one type, student loans is another, to name but two)?

Many of these soon to be married couples never talk to their tax professional to understand how taxes affect them separately or jointly. If you know of any couple, young or old, no matter how financially literate they think they are, they should seek counsel with a tax professional, like me, your friendy federally licensed Enrolled Agent.

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Jeffrey “on the road again” Schneider

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