Top 5 Ways Wine Helps with Your Taxes

Top 5 Ways Wine Helps with Your Taxes, SFS Tax, Red Wine, White Wine, Grapes, Wine Barrels, Wooden Tables

In honor of National Wine Day, we’re counting down the ways that wine can help you when it comes to your taxes. Raise your glass and toast to this!

5. Wine is good for your heart.

You may need a healthy ticker when see your tax bill.

4. Wine preserves your memory.

Can’t remember where those receipts are? Drink up. Researchers found that women in their 70s who drank at least once a day scored better on memory tests than those who drank less (or didn’t drink at all).

3. Wine can control your weight.

Being overweight leads to all kinds of health problems… which leads to spending more on those problems… which leads to less money for taxes. Studies have found that those who drink wine every day have lower BMI than those who do not.

2. Wine can control your blood sugar.

A Harvard Medical School study showed that drinking one to two glasses of wine a day guards against developing diabetes in a study on premenopausal women. The drinkers were 40% less likely to develop the disease.

Because diabetes can cause expensive health problems (see number 3), you are in a better position to deal with taxes without it.

1. With wine, you may still owe taxes, but you’ll care less.

All practical reasons aside, that nice buzz from a couple of glasses of wine will make you feel fine! Even writing a big check to Uncle Sam is a much easier task with wine. Just have someone else double check the numbers for you before you send that payment along.

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