Missing PoPo- March 29, 2018

Hello Fellow Taxpayers,

This will be a very brief email.

Ali and I want to thank you for the heartfelt wishes everyone posted on our Facebook pages over the past few days on the loss of our 12½-year-old Golden – Chow, PoPo-Lito. It still hurts. Boodah, our 14-year-old Yorkie is acting, well, like a lost puppy. He keeps looking around for his brother, and when he doesn’t find him, he just lays down. He is moping.

By the time you read this, we will have picked up the urn carrying PoPo’s ashes and will take him home and place him next to his older sister, our Chow-Chow, Munchee, who passed a few years back.

This email will not ask you to do anything except enjoy the Passover and Easter holidays with your family and friends. I will continue working on returns and will get through my backlog sooner rather than later.

So, to my Jewish Brothers and Sisters, enjoy some Matzo for us and to my Christian Family, enjoy your turkey, glazed ham, potatoes, carrots and everything else on the table. Most of all, have a glass of wine for Ali and me.

Until next week,


Jeffrey “Missing PoPo Every Day” Schneider


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