Don’t knock yourself out!

Don't Knock Yourself Out! Get help from SFS Tax
Don’t Knock Yourself Out! Get help from SFS Tax. In my last letter to you, my fellow Green Thumbers, I mentioned that Ali and I did a lot of gardening for the fall. What I did not say was that I gave myself a concussion by knocking my head against a tree limb…twice!! Not sure what level of concussion it is, but all I can say is OUCH! Constant headaches, nausea, dizziness the whole gambit. The only thing that I did not encounter was the loss of consciousness. Thank goodness!
 The doctor said to take it easy and not to strain myself. Right, like that is going to happen. I did relax some this weekend and missed the Port St. Lucie PAL Halloween Candy Giveaway. As a business owner and supporter of PAL, I hated to miss the annual event that I have participated in over the past couple of years… handing out candy to all the decked-out kids. Great fun!!
Anyway, the doctor said that if it continues, I should go back to see him. I am taking the advice of a medical professional who knows more about this problem than I do, even with the help of Mr. Google and my extended searching!
Well, folks, the same pertains to you, your taxes and hiring an experienced tax professional… like me, your friendly neighborhood Enrolled Agent. You will get your tax return completed timely and accurately, and I will be here for the long haul (at least for the next decade or two).
What I am offering you is a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation to talk about anything tax related. This is something I never offer, but if I did, it would come with a $97 fee.
To take advantage of this great offer call the office, 772-337-1040 within the next 48 hours and speak with Ali or Earl to schedule your complimentary 15 minutes with this “done with gardening” (at least for the time being) Enrolled Agent.
Just like my medical professional is helping me, let this tax professional be there for you and don’t knock yourself out.
Don’t Knock Yourself Out! Get help from SFS Tax.
So, until next week,
Jeffrey (Concussed) Schneider, EA, CTRS, NTPI Fellow

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