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Passport problem- December 21, 2018

Hello my friends. By the time you see this, Ali and I will be starting the last day of our cruise. Then it will be on to San Fransisco, a city that I have never visited. I am looking forward to visiting the Wharf, Chinatown and riding the trolley I usually try not to get tax technical in these emails. But I would be remiss if I do not tell you something that you or someone you may know may find [...]


Traveling- November 30, 2018

Hello, my friends, After a full week back in the office I can truly say that I loved having 4 days off. During my staycation, I re-started my 55-gallon fish tank adding just the (as my daughter Marissa used to say when she was younger) “prettiful” lights and plants. In my rush for instant gratification, I seemed to have added too many fish and now have only 5 freshwater fish left, and they are hard at work building up the [...]


Education- July 20th

Hi Folks, As many of you know from chatting with me, or you have read my posts on social media, I have been traveling to various tax professional groups teaching and educating on a variety of subjects. The topics range from the new tax law, or ethics – how to pay less than what you owe, to how much the shareholder of an S-corp should pay themselves (I call this reasonable comp). Depending on the topic, I spend 2-4 hours [...]