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Tax Breaks with an IRA

Tax Breaks with an IRA What is an IRA? Individual Retirement Arrangements – aka IRAs – are accounts into which someone can deposit money to provide financial security when they retire. Why would a taxpayer consider having one? Well, here’s what especially peaks our interest: different IRA’s offer different tax breaks. How Do I Get One? A taxpayer can set up an IRA with a: Bank or other financial institution Life insurance company Mutual fund Stockbroker COMMON TERMS Traditional IRA: A traditional IRA is an individual retirement account that offers advantages to taxpayers. [...]


Marriage June 1, 2018

Hi Folks, As I was reviewing the newsletter that you received yesterday, it prompted the topic for my weekly email. The question in the newsletter was from an unsolicited call I received from folks that found me on Google. She was worried about her soon to be husband’s tax issues (it always seems to be the guy that has the problems). They came in, we got him compliant and filed all his past due tax returns. He owed on some and [...]