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Extension – March 29, 2019

Hello Fellow Taxpayers, April 15th is only 18 days away and your tax return is due by midnight on the 15th. Just for kicks here is a list of the 10 most popular reasons for filing late or not filing at all: 1. Laziness 2. Forgetfulness 3. Confusion 4. Death or Serious Illness of Taxpayer or Immediate Family 5. Invalid Advice From a “Competent” Professional 6. Active Duty Military Service 7. Incarceration 8. Ignorance 9. Destruction of Records 10. Belief That Paying Income Taxes is Voluntary Are you using one of these [...]


End of Tax Season- April 19, 2018

Hello to all, Tax day has come and gone. I am at home recharging my batteries and energizing my brain after putting in long hours preparing and filing as many tax returns as possible as well as a ton of extensions. I want to give heartfelt thanks to all of you who made a conscious decision to allow me to prepare your tax return; business, individual, trust, and partnerships. And to  those of you that are on extension, I will be working [...]