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1099? – February 15 2018

Hello Taxpayers! Over the past week or so, several new clients have come in. Each handed me ONE 1099-MISC. This form showed an amount in Box 7 (“Non-employee Compensation”), which indicates that they were treated as independent contractors and not employees. So before I went through my litany of questions such as what type of expenses they had, I confirmed with them that they only worked for this one company as they gave me just ONE 1099. It is apparent [...]


6 Ways to Get Your Tax Refund Faster

6 Ways to Get Your Tax Refund Faster As the tax filing season approaches, there are steps you can take now to speed up the filing process. The faster your return is filed, the faster you get your refund. Even if you end up owing money to the IRS, knowing the amount due sooner gives you more time to come up with the funds needed to pay your tax bill. Meanwhile, here are things you can do now to get [...]