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CryptoCurrency – March 1 2019

Morning Fellow Taxpayers, I was going to write about Triple Net leases and how they generally don’t qualify for the 20% Qualified Business Income Tax Deduction (new §199A); However, Ali said what I wrote was way too complicated for this email. As such, she is going to publish it as a blog. If you or someone you know is a landlord and has tenants on a Triple Net Lease, they need to schedule a consult with their tax advisor or [...]


199 Cap A- February 1 2019

Hello fellow taxpayers. This is a short, LOL! but very important email. I am repeatedly asked about the 199 Cap A by folks that have businesses; even though I have mentioned this subject before it bears repeating. One of the most complicated aspects of the tax law is the new “20% Qualified Business Deduction”, also referred to “Section 199 Cap A” rule. Without getting too technical, this section applies to all who are self-employed, an owner of an LLC, shareholder in an [...]

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Do a Paycheck Checkup and See If You Are Taking Home Too Much Money

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made major changes to the tax law. Because of this, you should do a paycheck checkup and see if you are taking home too much money using the Withholding Calculator on IRS.gov and, if necessary, complete a new W-4 form. The calculator will help determine the right amount of withholding and can help prevent having too little (or too much) tax withheld. Recent changes affecting withholding include:  Reduced tax rates  Elimination of personal exemptions  Increased standard deductions: $12,000 for singles, $18,000 for heads of [...]