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Tax Breaks for the Military Family

Tax Breaks for the Military Family There are certain tax breaks available to members of the U.S. military and their dependents: Sale of principal residence A taxpayer on qualified official extended duty in the U.S. Armed Services or the Foreign Service may suspend for up to 10 years of such duty time the running of the 5-year ownership-and-use period before the sale of a residence. This election applies to one property at a time. To qualify, a taxpayer must meet the following criteria [...]


Homeowner Alert! Review Your Tax Forms

Homeowner Alert! Review Your Tax Forms New Tax Rules are Creating Confusion Tax laws are constantly changing. Many home-related tax rules have changed and now require you to prove how funds are used to qualify for a deduction. This is catching many taxpayers by surprise. So when your mortgage company reports tax-related information to you and the IRS using Form 1098, it no longer means all the interest and points reported on these statements are tax-deductible. Mortgage interest deductions have new [...]