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Patriots & Ram’s, Oh My!- January 25, 2019

Howdy folks, Ali is home-bound and recovering. She saw her doctor on Tuesday for a post-op, and all is going according to plan. Man-Servant Jeff is doing what he can to make her a little more comfortable, but stubborn Ali still has to do things on her own and not rest (except after taking a pain pill, then nighty-night). The Super Bowl participants are set. The Patriots won in OT over the Chiefs. I hate to say it but, The GOAT, [...]


Thanksgiving- November 23, 2018

Hello, my friends, It’s Friday morning, and you are all probably bursting from all the food that you “stuffed” yourselves with yesterday. I know I am. Ali and I have a tiny family that resides in Florida, so it was just Dad, our daughter Marissa, and Austin, her significant other that joined us. As many have seen in our newsletters, Ali loves to cook (and I like to eat so what a match), and Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday to prepare [...]