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Extension – March 29, 2019

Hello Fellow Taxpayers, April 15th is only 18 days away and your tax return is due by midnight on the 15th. Just for kicks here is a list of the 10 most popular reasons for filing late or not filing at all: 1. Laziness 2. Forgetfulness 3. Confusion 4. Death or Serious Illness of Taxpayer or Immediate Family 5. Invalid Advice From a “Competent” Professional 6. Active Duty Military Service 7. Incarceration 8. Ignorance 9. Destruction of Records 10. Belief That Paying Income Taxes is Voluntary Are you using one of these [...]


Persistence- February 22, 2018

Hello All, Have you ever started a project that seemed to go smoothly and quickly, then it hits a snag? Well folks, I wrote my first book called, “Now What? I Got a Tax Notice from the IRS. Help!” It is now available on Amazon, will be on Kindle in March and as an audiobook in June. What does this have to do with persistence? Well, I wrote the book over a Saturday and Sunday in August. You heard that right, [...]